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Under each course, you will find the labs and powerpoints.   Go there for lots of help from Ms. Luetgens.

INTERPRETING YOUR GRADES AND USING THEM TO IMPROVE YOUR UNDERSTANDING.  Go to the scoring guides tab to view the scoring guides used for all assessments. The scores reflect your understanding and application of the science concepts as shown by you on that test.  You can access your overall grades by using abi on the ycusd website (you can get there using under the ychs tab on this website).  To find your average score, multiple your percent by six (6) to find the average score.  For example, an average of 5 out of the 6 is 83% of 6 and a 5 average is an A.   Another example, 4 out of the 6 is 66% and a 4 average score is a B.  Remember your goal is to understand and apply chemistry and then demonstrate that on the test.


Your goal should be to understand the models and concepts and be able to apply them.

Use this website to review the concepts and practice.  There are interactive actitivites as well as worksheets we have done in class along with answer keys.

There are webpages that I have designed specifically for our classes, but there are also other webpgaes, simulations and videos you can access through the links within this website.