ABCR- Advanced Chemistry and Biology Research

AP Chemistry Outline  and   Models and Overview from first year chemistry

Reviewing First Year Chem   go here for intro labs

Lab 1.  Copper Cycle Solutions Part A, B, C, D, E, F, G  Lab 1 Nickel Cycle Test and key

Lab 2.  Thermodynamics and Hess Law

Lab 3.   Kinetics  simulation of kinetics experiment

Lab 4.  Equilibrium

Lab 5.  Determining Ka of weak acid

Lab 6.  Electrochemistry

Biochemistry Research Yeast and Fermentation

Simulation of REDOX titration  click here

AP Chem Interactive Practice  and some helpful powerpoints

Spring Final - general chem and labs 2-6 (thermo, kinetics, equilibrium, and electro chem)