Lab 5. Reactivity of Metals in Acid handout

Lab 5 Lab #5 lab sample


Lab 5. powerpoint

What happens in these single replacement reactions?  Help from Luetgens.

Graphic organizer for Aluminum reacting with Hydrochloric Acid BLANK  KEY

Graphic organizer for nickel in sulfuric acid Ni in h2 so4 graphic organizer key

Stoichiometry worksheet #1

Stoich w s-sr_and_dr with key

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">blank and with the key


Any animation that may help - click here

 virtual chem lab- activity series of metals

activity series

another powerpoint that may be helpful

video zinc reacts with hydrochloric acid

video magnesium reacts with hydrochloric acid

video aluminum foil with HCl (aq)

video various metals react with HCl (aq)


The reactions of different metals in hydrochloric acid are observed and compared.  A model of single replacement reactions is constructed.  Oxidation and reduction models are applied.  Collison model is used to describe the electron transfer in the reaction as well as factors that would affect the rate of the reaction.  Enthalpy and entropy model are applied to these single replacement reactions.