Course Overview and Models  (click here for more)

Lab 1 . Water

Lab 2 . Solutions      Gotta Know it.  And the key

Lab 3 . Solubility

Lab 4 . Double Replacement Reactions

Lab 5.  Metals in Acidic Solution

Lab 6.  Empirical Formula of Magnesium Chloride

Lab 7.  Single Replacement: Cu with AgNO3

Lab 8.  Single Replacement: Fe with CuCl2

Lab 9.  Atomic Structure and Emission Spectrum

Lab 10.  Periodic Properties

 Lab 11.  Bonding and Shape (VSEPR)

Lab 12.  Stoichiometry: Weak Acid and Gas

Lab 13.  Gas Laws: Collecting Hydrogen Gas

Lab 14.  Acid/Base Reactions and Titration

Lab 15.  Equilibrium

Lab 16.  Thermodynamics: Calculations

Lab 17.  Measuring Reaction Rates

1st semester final - Key concepts and practice

2nd semester final - study guide

Chem Team tutorials - this site offers help including videos to show sample problems

CST released questions practice  This interactive site let's you pracitce with the released questions for CA test.

Click here for blueprints to CST for all the tests and the blueprints with NOTES - this is helpful to study