Second Semester Chemsitry Final - Study the lab tests

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thermodynamics - enthalpy (potential energy) and entropy (disorder)

equilibrium and reversible reactions

collison model and rates of reactions 

bonding and electron configurations

analyze reactions - types of reactions, ionic equations and redox 1/2 reactions

mole calculations - calculating moles given mass, volume and molarity of solution and volume of gases and using the balanced equation to find other quantities

development of atomic models- Democritus, Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford, Bohr

electromagnetic radiation as well as excited atoms and the emission spectrum

electron configuration and quantum mechanics and patterns on periodic table e- config relates to reactivity

gas laws and relating pressure, volume, temperature and moles and calculations using ideal gas law (PV=nRT)

acid/base chemistry – weak vs strong acids and titration calculations and pH